Anthony's Roadman 8 Week Transformation Challenge 

Hey Guys!

I spent four years cycling full time in America, Canada, France & Belgium. I was one of the lucky ones that got paid to ride my bike.
When I retired from cycling I really struggled. 

 I now had to join the "real world". Trying to balance work, relationships and family was so hard. I was really struggling. 

 I wanted to continue to improve on the bike and stay competitive but was being pulled in a million different directions.
When I was a full time rider all I had to think about each day was training, Eating and Sleeping!

I have to say this realization of the struggles of riders trying to balance everything was really humbling.

I wanted to fix this problem for cyclists. I wanted every cyclist to have success in their sport even with full time jobs, families and all the other demands of life.

I wanted cyclists to improve in all aspects of cycling even if they didn't have 15+ hours to train.

I traveled the world, read thousands of books, attended seminars and became obsessed with solving this balancing problem.
And I found a solution....

I now wake every day with energy, vitality, focus and strength. I’ve applied these principles to my own life.
Roadman Coaching is my vehicle for teaching you.  

Now That I Understood My Clients Struggles, Their Well-Being Quickly Became One Of My Main Concerns

I understood the difficulties some clients had with balancing life, Stress, fitness and improving on the bike. 

As I said before, I wanted every cyclist to have success in their sport even with full time jobs, families and all the other demands of life.

I decided it was my job to learn more...

As a PROFESSIONAL, I believe that it is my responsibility to be the expert, and I was willing to go to ANY LENGTHS to become that person that people could TRUST.
I decided to become the foremost authority on what it meant to balance life and all it's ups & downs while losing weight and getting better on the bike. 

I've taken the same discipline which brought me through Law School & into the top tier of cycling and applied it to helping our athletes change their lives.
I've been a contributory to all the biggest cycling publications in the world - Cycling News, Bike Radar, Cycling Weekly & Bicycling Magazine. Appearing on National & International broadcast networks.
Over the past 10 years coaching I've worked to bring World Class Sports Science and filter it down from the top levels of our sport, making it accessible for everyday riders
I've seen the power of smart training on ordinary guys and it's truly transformative. 



My quest to become the expert was challenging and grueling.


I have become a better coach and a better person because I have been there.

Because I have been there, I want to share with you what I think is the first step to becoming a healthier, stronger rider. 




Simply put, I want to show as many cyclists out there the power of working to a structured training plan, a plan that is built specifically for them. 

So I am inviting a select few to join me on an 8 Week Journey.

I want each of you to go through the EXACT TRANSFORMATION I DID

And to do it right it takes a 8 week commitment

This is going to be a challenge but that's why I only want the right people in the program

It's not for everybody...

Only for those of you that are truly committed

I have invested a lot of my time building this 8 Week Challenge

And I don't want to waste either of our time if you aren't the right fit

So if you are committed

And you think you have what it takes to stick to a program for 8 weeks

Then click below now and we will get started on this journey together

I Get Hundreds Of Emails And DMs A Day Asking What Are The Benefits Of Structured Training And "Will It Work For Me?"

And No Matter What Your Cycling Goals Are... The Answer Is Always YES!


 Structured Training Is the process of guiding and training an individual in preparation for any sporting hobby, career, or event 

 All Professional Sportspeople Have Structured Training Plans To Help Them Train And Compete - But You Don't Have To Be A Pro To Train To A Plan 

 Your Unique Training Plan Will assist You in developing to Your full potential

 A critical part of coaching is the establishment of realistic overall performance goals 

 To achieve such goals, your coach develops training programs that build on the concept Of periodization. Through periodization, the coach will plan a training year that is divided into the general periods of preseason, competitive season, and off season

 Your coach sets quality, Structured & targeted training sessions so you know every training session is moving you towards your goal


 Having a structured training program typically leads to more success than an informal or unstructured one.

 Sticking To Your Unique Training Plan Will Give You Insights As To What Works For You.  

 Your Unique Training Plan Will Be Built Around Your Busy Life.  Taking Work/Family/Friends Commitments Into Consideration.

 Your Individual Plan Will Get You Fitter And This Will Improve Your Recovery Time.

No matter what type of rider you are you still want to see improvement and progression.  
Even if you are a leisure rider Structured Training can completely transform your time on the bike. 

 Time Crunched? - Your Structured Plan Will Ensure will ensure you balance your training around your social, family & work obligations will still pushing you hard enough to reach your goals

 Working To Your Training Plan Will Increase Motivation.  Having A Focused and Dedicated Training Plan Will Help You Create Unstoppable Momentum  With Your Training & This Will Keep Motivation High. 

 During the consultation phase your coach will access your current fitness levels, no matter how low your starting point. Knowing your base line allows us to plot the first moves on your success path 

 Accountability to Your coach Will ensure that you are acting and performing in a manner that will get you closer to your goals.

 If Losing Weight Is A Goal For You Your Coach Can Help By Prescribing Certain Sessions  To Ignite The Fat Burning Engines.

You Don't Have To Take My Word For It...
Check Out What These Roadmen Have To Say!

As You Can See, The Roadman Structured Training Is Changing The Lives Of Our Clients All Around The World

My Money Back Guarantee...Seriously, I Will Pay You If You Fail!

Guarantee: If you actually DO what I recommend you to do in the 8 week course and your results aren’t what you think they should be... I’ll refund  your money within 30 days. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort and show me what you've done to try to be successful.

How is that for fair?

This is EVERYTHING you'll get...for just €149.95:

Personalized Coaching Plan: Your 8 Week Unique Training Plan Built Around Your Goals & Commitments!

​Take The Guess Work Out : Never have to think about what to do for your session again. Just follow your structured sessions.

​Time Crunched: Busy Schedule? No time? No Problem. Your Unique Training Plan Will Be Built Around Your Busy Life. Taking Work/Family/Friends Commitments Into Consideration.

​Support : Reach Out On Our Facebook Forum And I Will Answer Any Of Your Questions.  

 New to the Structured Training? Learn the BEST techniques from a Cycling expert. 


Getting Started Guide

-Setting up Today's Plan

-Threshold Test

Understanding your Zones


Recipes for the Road Cookbook 

This Cookbook Is Full Of Recipes To Help Your Fuel For The Demands Of Your Sport

Goal Setting

Understand Why It's Vital To Set Goals & Learn How To Set These Goals With Our Audio Series


Through This Video Series You Will Discover How Having A Morning Routine Will Give You Unstoppable Momentum Throughout Your Day

- Movement
-Wake Up Cocktail 


This Playbook Covers All Aspects Of Becoming A Successful Athlete 

-Mental Skills Test
-Season Performance
-Season Performance Review
-Keeping a Diary
-The Five Why's
-What makes you tick?

Trust me, in 8 weeks you will be ready to take on the world like never before.

Plus, what do you have to lose?

If you join the program and don't feel it's working for you, contact me within 30 days and I'll give you back your money!

It all starts with one choice, just one click, to put you on the road to a happier healthier life and MASSIVE gains on the bike.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Thank You.

Your Future Cycling Coach,
Anthony Walsh