Coach Stephen Clancy

Stephen is a professional Irish cyclist originally from county Limerick. He began racing at the age of 16 and quickly progressed through the ranks and won Cycling Ireland's best domestic rider award in 2011. While studying in the Physical Education and Maths in the University of Limerick, 2012 proved to be an interesting year for Stephen as he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was told he could only ride his bike for a mile. Stephen didn’t let this obstacle stop him from pursuing a career in the sport and soon made a return to racing. After overcoming this new challenge, Stephen was rewarded by signing for Team Novo Nordisk in in 2013, an all diabetes pro cycling team and went on to represent Ireland at the U23 European Championships in the same year. For the last 5 seasons Stephen has been racing full time at the pro-continental level around the world. 
Based in Girona, Spain, along with many fellow pros and racing worldwide at the top level over the years, Stephen has gained a lot of experience and a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to reach one's potential. 

As a coach, Stephen is aware of the demands of training and focuses on striking the balance between it and everyday life. Having experienced many ups and downs himself over the years, Stephen aims to use this to connect with riders of all abilities and be able to relate to each individual's specific requirements. What works for one person may not work for another so Stephen likes to adopt an approach to training where the athlete is involved in the planning process through feedback. Using this philosophy Stephen believes he can help riders of all levels improve and finds satisfaction in working together towards their set targets and goals.