Coach Sean McKenna

Sean comes from a cycling family and began racing at u16. He has always balanced his training and racing with studying as well as working. He has recently graduated from UCD as a food scientist. He is a big believer in using the most update and scientific training methods to make the most effective use of time. He prefers cycling to be built around your life, not your life to be built around cycling.
Sean progressed quickly through the ranks in his college years, claiming he finally figured out the perfect balance for cycling in conjunction with his other commitments. During his college years he was Ireland’s top ranked rider in 2014 and 2015. During the 2015 season he notched up 11 domestic wins. He has been apart of national teams at both domestic and international level. He has competed in events such as the European Championships, u23 Tour of Flanders and Ghent-Wevelgem.
During his final year in college, he stagiaired with An Post CRC which ultimately led to a full contract for 2017. He puts his success down to being fully committed to the hours he had available to train while studying, using every minute to train as smart and as hard as possible. He believes anyone that is willing to commit 100% to a well-structured training program can achieve their goals.